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About us

Our agency was the first to specialise in engagement and consultation. It is now the premier hub for specialist and transparent involvement. Since 2007, Participate has provided communications, consultation and engagement support throughout the UK for over 300 projects for the public and private sectors. We are experts in integrated campaigns, stakeholder engagement and consultation.

Why do we do it?…we believe in our own values – that taking part and making a difference matters.

It matters…because people will not get involved in and enable transformational change without value-led communications, robust engagement and feedback.

It matters…because our integrated approach across all dialogue methods online, written and face-to-face, create accessible involvement.

It matters…because honesty and transparency are paramount when it comes to consultation and stakeholder engagement. This requires well designed and fair dialogues – and that’s what we like building.

It ALL matters…because everything we do is harnessed through good insight, honest communications and shared experiences.

We’ve built Participate…around a core network of like minded people and organisations. These Associates are all skilled at different aspects of good communications, engagement and consultation. This means that whatever the needs of your project, we can build the capacity quickly and expertly to turn your objectives into the outcomes needed to inform your decision-making processes.

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