Facilitators & Extra Capacity

From MCing large deliberative events of more than 200 participants, through to facilitating workshops and surveying people on-street.  We’ve done it all and sometimes we’ve been met with a wall of conflict around contentious issues, but we have always been successful in helping people to engage.

The senior team at Participate are all highly experienced in facilitation and over the last decade we have built up a team of immensely skillful associates.  This means we can provide you the capacity you need at the drop of a hat!

You may need extra bodies or the right expertise for:

  • Focus groups
  • Deliberative events
  • Workshops
  • Co-design sessions
  • Panel facilitation
  • On-street engagement
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Public meetings
  • And more…

To find out more email info@participate.uk.com or call 0845 094 8191