Hosted Online Participation

EngagementHQ will enable you to manage all your online engagement and consultation from one system.  It will also act as an online communications hub.  It is also a place that your stakeholders will be able to return to time and time again, to find out news about your programme(s), take part in a particular consultation, find documents, watch videos, submit comments, etc.

Forums – you can set up forums around any topic, public or private.  Within these forums stakeholders can comment on proposals, share rich content (e.g. videos, documents, images) and agree and disagree with issues.  The forums create a flexible and meaningful space for different aspects of the ICP to be discussed, with a range of stakeholders.

Newsfeed blog, surveys, emails, FAQs and Q&As– you will be able to keep people informed and involved via a newsfeed blog, undertake surveys, initiate quick polls and receive and distribute information via email. You will be able to sign-post people to FAQs and set up a Q&A forum.

Moderation – you will be able to moderate comments left on any of our forums, including spam and high risk filters for certain key words.

Sharing – Participate Online will enable important content to be shared across your stakeholder community and campaigning constituents.  It does this through tight integration of social media and enabling the distribution of engaging content (such as images, video and infographics).

Click on the link for an example of Engagement HQ in action

To find out more email or call 0845 094 8191