Quality Assurance

Never before has the importance of getting consultation right mattered more. Never before have the risks of doing it wrong been so public and so expensive.

The senior team at Participate and many of our Associates are part of The Consultation Institute. This ensures that our advice and the methods that we use for consultation meet good practice.

There are many benefits to getting consultation right:

  • An improved relationship with your stakeholders
  • Faster, more fluid decision-making processes
  • Effective decisions
  • Sustainable solutions

What we do:

  • Consultation design and pre-consultation engagement activity
  • Multi-channel consultation delivery (face-to-face and digital engagement)
  • Analysis, reporting and feedback
  • Our close relationship with The Consultation Institute means that we are uniquely placed to provide the following services:
    o Training on all aspects of consultation and different consultation techniques
    o Experienced facilitators
    o Quality Assurance Services

The Quality Assurance Service provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate to your stakeholders that your consultation meets good practice. This involves a series of interventions from an Institute Assessor, as well as the help and support of an Institute Advisor. By adhering to their advice you would be awarded with a Certificate of Good Practice, demonstrating to your stakeholders that your consultation is fair and has been delivered with integrity.

To find out more email info@participate-uk-com.stackstaging.com or call 0845 094 8191