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Click on the links below to find out more about our range of expert advice, support and the services we offer. These can be commissioned on an ongoing basis or for one-off projects or tasks.

Advice on hand to help you meet best practice either by video-call, email, telephone or face-to-face (if appropriate).

  • Do you need some clarity and objectivity?
  • We will help you to ensure that your engagement and consultation project meets best practice.
  • We have aided some of the most complex programmes of change throughout the UK, so we have first hand experience in tackling the obstacles in achieving good practice involvement.

Our support may include: attending or facilitating meetings as necessary; being a guiding light and hands-on support and; advising senior members, representatives and spokespeople of any programme of work. Sometimes we are engaged to get things moving and to provide that often needed catalyst for change and progress.

We help ensure that processes remain robust, transparent and fair. Our approach also ensures that communications strategies marry in with engagement and consultation plans.

By remaining objective and grounded in good practice, we can help you to create strategic capacity.

The objectives of your project or programme of work are set out, but you may need help to determine how to effectively engage or consult around them. We will work with your team to develop:

  • The scope of the engagement or consultation.
  • A robust engagement and consultation plan with clear and definable objectives.
  • Thorough stakeholder mapping.
  • Equality and diversity considerations.
  • Appropriate dialogue methods by group.
  • Communications channels mapping.
  • Deliverables in terms of outputs and outcomes.
  • Resource and capacity requirements.
  • Timelines to meet governance procedures.

Good communications and engagement require the ability to break down complex information into bitesize chunks to make it shareable and understandable.

In our digital age this means building websites, creating blogs, making videos, designing infographics and visual storytelling, creating animations and much, much more. And this content needs to be creative, engaging, shareable and importantly accessible.

We can also help you to create your hard copy needs such as surveys, consultation documents, summaries, flyers and banners.

Participate’s team includes digital managers, creative designers, animators, copywriters, video editors, web-page designers or social media strategists.

Powered by EngagementHQ Participate can manage all your engagement and consultation online. This includes:

  • The use of eight dialogue tools so that people can participate in a meaningful conversation about your plan, project, or proposal in much the same way they could face-to-face, but with the added convenience of asynchronous participation. For example, EngagementHQ includes open tools like discussion forums, interactive mapping, and ideas boards. It also includes traditional aspects like surveys and quick polls, together with the option to include Q&As, a guest book, and a powerful storytelling feature
  • Communication widgets to help people to take part in your public consultation by providing easily accessible information. To do this EngagementHQ allows you to add video, documents, podcasts, images, key timelines, and much much more to your project. You can even embed third party applications like social media and video conferencing
  • Everything added to your site by participants is captured via your project site’s reporting and analysis capability.  Full details of their activity and project engagement are maintained in a Participant Relationship Management CRM.

We partner with EngagementHQ because it is the only UK based online consultation platform, which offers a full suite of engagement capability in one place.

For your comfort, EngagementHQ offers all the features you need to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Their Software as Service company has also successfully passed external audits for ISO 27001, a global standard for information security management.

Finally, Participate takes accessibility very seriously and is pleased to say EngagementHQ meets WCAG 2.1 standards.

We can help you with all aspects of social media for engagement, consultation and involvement.

  • Social media strategies to make sure your project or organisation has a focused approach.
  • Schedules of content to make sure you are more than broadcasting you are engaging in conversations.
  • Digital stakeholder mapping to ensure you are engaging with your influencers (the web may be different to face-to-face).
  • Capacity, if you need it, to deliver your content and engage with your stakeholders through targeted ads and posts.
  • Help with creative content: videos, images, animations, infographics and more.
  • Tools to monitor, manage and report upon your social media presence.
  • In-house training for your team on how to make the best of social media for engagement.

From MCing large deliberative events of more than 200 participants, through to facilitating workshops and surveying people on-street. We’ve done it all and sometimes we’ve been met with a wall of conflict around contentious issues, but we have always been successful in helping people to engage.  The senior team at Participate are all highly experienced in facilitation and over the last decade we have built up a team of immensely skilful associates. This means we can provide you the capacity you need at the drop of a hat!  You may need extra bodies or the right expertise for:

  • Focus groups.
  • Deliberative events.
  • Workshops.
  • Co-design sessions.
  • Panel facilitation.
  • On-street engagement.
  • Drop-in sessions.
  • Public meetings.
  • And more…

Participate’s team of associates provides robust analysis of consultation responses and other pubic engagement data. You can can bring us in at the start of the project or as it is coming to an end when you need a quick turnaround.

“Participate was commissioned by NHS England to undertake a thematic analysis of responses to a national consultation concerning the Cancer Drugs Fund. Participate turned this work around on time within very tight timescales and working through detailed and often complex responses. Participate delivered a comprehensive analysis that allowed NHS England to quickly understand the range of views expressed by key stakeholder groups. I would be more than happy to work with Participate again.” Nathan Hall, NHS England.

  • We will provide a structure for collating data with templates for insight gathering.
  • We will agree an analysis and reporting framework with you to ensure the data is interrogated effectively.
  • All qual data will be coded for common themes and frequencies.
  • Quant data will presented in chart and table format.
  • Cross tabulations will be run for themes by group, locality or issue.
  • Findings will be presented by dialogue method and overall.

“Working with Participate was very successful and enjoyable for us. Their energy and enthusiasm for engagement is infectious. Their “can do” professional approach, objective advice and support, and ability to resolve issues at short notice ensured that our project stayed on track resulting in robust engagement and a high quality engagement report.” Caroline O’Neill

Engagement Manager, NHS South West London,
Richmond Borough Team

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